TetaVi and Unity to Enable Immersive Performances

Tetavi and Unity collaborate

In a special session, TetaVi and Unity talked about ways they can collaborate in an effort to enable immersive performances.

As a result, the world discovered what solutions can be made available to power the next generation of entertainment.  For example, developers, creators and studios can start working with TetaVi & Unity to create high-end, premium volumetric concerts.


Real-time Revolution

Unity is the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content.  With a “build once, deploy everywhere” approach, in 2019 using the Unity engine, 37 billion experiences were installed, 3 billion apps downloads and 34 billion hours of games were played per month. Conveniently, Unity offers their services for the entire content lifecycle for all business personas.


Digitizing Real People

TetaVi is committed to perfecting and simplifying volumetric video capture for immersive media, gaming and virtual productions. With only 4-cameras, TetaVi’s portable studio technology can be deployed in any location. Moreover, using its cutting edge AI-based processing algorithms, TetaVi delivers vivid high-fidelity dynamic holograms, in a fraction of time and effort, compared to existing professional level methods.

This powerful combination of capabilities goes beyond existing motion capture (MoCap) technologies.  It results in dynamic holograms that overcome the “uncanny valley” and impressively shows off the natural fluid movement of clothing, expression and every muscle flex.


Advancing the Volumetric Ecosystem

This collaboration continues to open the world of possibilities extending across immersive platforms, from 2D through augmented reality (AR) to mixed reality (MR/XR).

Tetavi + Unity workflow
Tetavi + Unity workflow


Artists and producers can deliver unique experiences by using the power of the Unity graphics engine combined with TetaVi’s photorealistic capture.

Above all, volumetric content creation workflow can simplify traditional creation methods and can be scaled to needs.  What’s more is that these premium services and tools can enable high-end larger professional productions, as well as individual artists, the potential to develop multi-player games, AR/VR/XR experiences and beautiful visual performances.


Deeper Virtual Experiences 

Providing volumetric tools is a significant step forward in driving highly creative content creation such as immersive performances. Without a doubt, the potential for a deeper virtual fan experience — where consumers can stand on stage with the talent, their friends, talk to each other, dance and interact–all in a volumetric 3D world, is limitless.




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