All-in-one volumetric capture system

End-to-end solution

Get all you need; cameras, software-as-a-service, portable studio, post-production and training – to quickly generate high-fidelity 3D digital assets, for an endless array of applications. 

TetaVi’s system is fully scalable so customers can select the solution that fits their need.

TeTAVI system Advantages

Take advantage of the opportunity to innovate with a ready-to-go volumetric capture system and start creating a truly immersive experience for your video consumers.

.01 - Capture

  • Portable 4-8 proprietary depth cameras
  • No green/blue screen, no markers
  • High Frame rate
  • Real-time stream
  • Comfortable capture area

.02 - AI process

  • AI-based proprietary algorithms
  • Scalable auto alignment infrastructure
  • Open Format
  • Integrates easily into existing pipeline

.03 - Distribution

  • High resolution, broadcast quality
  • Applications for a wide range of verticals
  • Supports all devices
  • Brand extension with AR / VR / XR
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Our Technology:
Precise. Scalable. Portable.

TetaVi’s AI-based proprietary volumetric capture system generates true-to-life holograms of people and objects in broadcast quality. Sophisticated computer vision and deep learning algorithms are employed for creating the point cloud, generating the geometric wireframe, meshing and coloring the scene…producing best-in-class volumetric content for your viewers.
Installation is simple. Only 4-8 synchronized and gated depth cameras required – no green screen backdrop or markers needed – making the system an extremely portable and affordable solution for brands looking to up their 3D game.
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Volumetric Use Cases

Revolutionizing the way video is experienced

Gaming and e-Sports

TetaVi enables in-game use of celebrities, people and objects. Super accurate motion capture AI algorithms create extremely realistic experiences.

Film and TV

By rendering real actors from any angle in post-production, TetaVi empowers greater creative freedom to achieve easier deep compositing for VR, AR and XR, cutting the typical time by 50%-75%.

Sports and Fan engagement

Deepen fan engagement with the stand-alone TetaVi AR booth, a portable hologram station. Placed in sports stadiums, arenas, theme parks and other commercial events, customers and players can quickly generate their own holograms and integrate them within a scene.

Brands and Retail volumetric video

Brands and Retail

TetaVi’s volumetric video opens unlimited opportunities to optimize brand expansion by creating high quality digital assets that can be used and reused, from different vantage points, with the same footage.