Israel President Uses Augmented Reality Hologram

Israel President Uses Augmented Reality Hologram to Address the Nation

President Reuven Rivlin uses telepresence to virtually meet citizens in their homes in response to the pandemic during Israel’s Independence Day

Tel Aviv – Every Independence Day President Reuven Rivlin opens his home and personally meets people of Israel from all sectors of society. He usually gives an uplifting speech and takes selfies with his visitors.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lock-down, the event was canceled.  

The President sought a solution where he could “visit” each and every home in Israel, as he believes that now, more than ever, personal contact with Israel’s citizens is of paramount importance.

“I remember the first Yom Ha’atzmaut, our first Independence Day, when the Israeli flag first flew at the top of the flagpoles.  We felt we were witnessing a miracle. And here we are today, 72 years on, and I am together with you,” said President Rivlin in his speech.

In order for the experience to be as realistic as possible, The President’s office decided to use volumetric telepresence. The President’s speech was filmed by a volumetric capture system that creates a true-to-life holograms. The hologram will stream online and can be experienced in augmented reality by tapping a link or by scanning a QR code on mobile phones during the days leading to Israel’s Independence Day.


For the first time in history, a country leader will be telecasted in full augmented reality 3D to visit constituents in the privacy of their home and speak to them using volumetric virtual video.  

President Rivlin’s hologram is a seamless extension of his real-world self—the audience will be able to interact with the hologram in much of the way one interacts with real people.  Those experiencing Rivlin’s augmented reality speech will be able to take a selfie with the president in the comfort of their home and share it on social media. This part of the tradition will be as usual this year.

“You know what? Let’s do a selfie. But I didn’t bring my camera…Come on, let’s take a picture together and don’t forget to smile!” concludes Rivlin.

The President’s office is expecting the project to reach each and every house in Israel, to generate millions of views, with hundreds of thousands of impressions and selfies with the President Rivlin hologram.

About the project:

The project is a collaboration between The Office of the President, TetaVi – volumetric video capture system,  8th Wall – WebAR technology platform, Omnivor- volumetric compression and streaming services, and by the creative direction of Nim Shapira. Each partner contributed their innovation and technology to make it happen.

The President’s office will run a promotional campaign prior to the activation date that will include a live web link and a QR code. Accessing and experiencing President Rivlin’s speech will be as easy as activating the smartphone’s camera and visiting    

Thanks to the initiative of the Office of the President, Nim Shapira and the technology of TetaVi, 8th Wall and Omnivor, the President’s speech will come alive in Israel on April 29 2020 for a limited time on major networks.











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